Carrie Daley

Mom, Game Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist, Mary Kay Consultant

My name is Carrie Daley.  I am a Mary Kay Consultant, Game Developer and a Freelancer.  Explore my world as I combine everything I am in this one website!! :)



2015 was a big year for finding myself in a lot of ways, now with the beginning of 2016, I plan to use this knowledge to help me build a bigger and better Mary Kay business for not only myself, but for my family.  So here is what you can expect from me in 2016:



1. Every month I will contact my current customers to ask about any reorders.

2. Each month my goal will be to give free facials to at least 15 women.

3. I will be looking for 10 women to join me in starting their own Mary Kay business before June 1st. (For more info, go here:

4. For every friend (that is over 18yrs old and doesn't currently have a consultant) that you send my way this year, you will receive $5 off your next order.

5. Each month I will be looking for 2 hostesses, either for an on-line Facebook party or an in person party.  (Parties consist of at least 5 people).  Hostesses will be able to earn up to $100 in free products just for hosting! (Contact me for more details)

6.  Please note that the proceeds of every sale that I make goes towards supporting my family, specifically my two beautiful girls.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to make your Mary Kay experience a great one! Thank you and let's have a great year!! :)

Carrie Creates Awesome Music!

Hi Everyone!  Through many projects including videos for promoting my Mary Kay world, and games and apps for Nacelle Games, LLC, I have been creating lots of music for these projects.  My husband will listen to these songs, including some I just made for fun, and he tells me they are awesome!  I don't feel like I did too much, but when I listen back to them, the songs are pretty amazing....they sound so professional and if they didn't lack vocals, radio worthy!!  I had enough songs together that I could create an album.  So I found this website called where I could upload my music for free and offer it to people for a small price.  I love this!  Now that I have discovered my love (and apparent talent) for creating such music, I will be continuing to write music when I can.  If you or anyone you know has a musical need for a project you are doing, please let me know.  I would love to create some music for you!  If you don't believe me about how awesome these songs are on my first album, "Pink Butterfly", check them out! :)


Babies and Game Development....Let's put them together!!

I am so excited about my next personal project!! Having two baby girls in the last 3 years, I have looked for an app to help me keep track of feedings, diapers, and the introductions of solid foods.    There are so many out there....but none that really seem to have the right combination of attributes that really mattered to me without a lot of extra stuff.  So after a frustrating time with using an out of date app, I have decided to create my own.  I am putting together an app that is specially for Moms by a Mom.  Only the most important data is included: Feedings, Diapers, Solid Food Introductions and suggestions, and a Milestone tracker so you can add a note of exactly what their first word was or where they were when they took their first steps!  

If you are like me and always have your iPhone in your pocket, but maybe don't always find the time to write things down in your baby book, this gives you a chance to write things down wherever you have a virtual "baby book" in the midst of also tracking the most important things to keep your routine going.  Remembering what time and what side you fed your baby last can get hard when you have been doing it for months and months, that is why I love having an app that helps you keep track.  What I don't necessarily want to keep track of are things like vaccinations, weight, height and general growth....the regular well checks at the doctor's office keeps track of that, and as long as my daughters are healthy I don't really care to keep that info on my phone.  They are small, and they won't be like that forever.  So why track that when I would much rather take a picture of a beautiful picture they made, a cute thing they did or an important milestone like taking that first step or standing all by themselves!!

This app is going to be so fun to use when I'm done!!  I can't wait!! :)

Mary Kay….It’s not a scam!!

There are a lot of people out there who think Mary Kay is a “scam” or not a good way to make extra money.  I’m here to tell you those ideas are false.  The Mary Kay Opportunity is exactly that, an Opportunity.  You make out of it purely what you put into it. 

What’s great is that it’s cumulative!  By this I mean that once I find a “lifetime customer”, they are pretty loyal, as long as I take care of their needs.  So over the course of being in the Mary Kay business nearly 4 years, I have accumulated a small group of loyal customers that regularly reorder certain products.  I keep those items in stock, for whenever they run out.

Over the last four years, I have also added 2 baby girls to my family.  So obviously my time commitment to Mary Kay has varied over those four years.  When I do devote a few hours of time and effort towards my business on a weekly basis, my sales and loyal customer base grows. 

So the“Big Secret” to success with Mary Kay (and quite possibly other direct sales companies as well) is consistency.  As long as you regularly communicate with your loyal customers, seek out new customers, be creative and always make sure your customers are using the best products for their skin and complexion, then you will never run out of business. 

This is why I love my Mary Kay business!  I use the products myself at half price, then I simply allow others to try the products and help them find the best ones for them.  Along the way I make friends, and improve others’ skin health and self-esteem….all while keeping my main job as a stay-at-home-mom!!

Creating a Dropdown Menu in Excel

This is something that can be used quite often in Excel, but few remember how to create it.  So here's a walk-through:

  1. First you need to create a list of the items you want in your list.  Usually this will be in a hidden column or a separate tab from your working document.
  2. Next go to the cell where you wish to have your dropdown list/menu.  Make sure this cell is selected and go to Data, Data Validation.
  3. A Menu will appear.  Select the List option.  Then in the source section, make sure your list from step 1 is referenced.
  4. Select OK and start using your dropdown list!
  5. Copy the cell as much as you want to as the list is now embedded in the cell.  
  6. The down button to help you select options will appear once you select the cell.


For further details, here is another place to look:


New Pictures for Designs?

Today I was enjoying my backyard and decided to take a few pictures....some turned out really good.  Maybe they could be used for some design work...either game development or other graphic design work..not sure yet.  Let me know if anyone has ideas....thanks! :)

New Adventure Begins

After the loss of a big source of income for my family last week, we were forced to re-evaluate our financial situation.  This caused me to think long and hard about how I spend my time each day. Usually I am working on random things on the computer on and off all day, when I am not playing with, or taking care of, my 2 young daughters. I love being a stay at home mom, and I love being a Mary Kay Consultant, but with a 6 month old in the mix, it has been harder lately to work my Mary Kay business as much as I would like to.

That is when I started thinking about other skills I have and the ways that those skills could be used to bring in income.  Before having my first daughter, I was a full time Accountant for more than 5 years. Leaving that job was liberating at the time, as it allowed me to escape from a bad situation... but I still today enjoy working with numbers, Excel, and creating budgets, whether for my family, my Mary Kay business, or my Game Studio I co-founded just last year.

So here I am today, launching my very own website... one place where all my interests (however unrelated they are) can be brought together. Over the next few weeks I will be working on creating sample projects to share here, and reaching out to friends and family to help me get hired for my first few freelance jobs. I will also be continuing to work on various projects with Nacelle Games, LLC (some of which will be announced soon) as I am the Lead Designer and Project Manager for all of the studio’s upcoming projects this year.

I hope you will take the time to check things out around the site, let me know where I can improve, and let me know if I can help you with your Accounting, Game Design, Data Entry or Mary Kay needs! Thank you for visiting! :)