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Creating a Dropdown Menu in Excel

This is something that can be used quite often in Excel, but few remember how to create it.  So here's a walk-through:

  1. First you need to create a list of the items you want in your list.  Usually this will be in a hidden column or a separate tab from your working document.
  2. Next go to the cell where you wish to have your dropdown list/menu.  Make sure this cell is selected and go to Data, Data Validation.
  3. A Menu will appear.  Select the List option.  Then in the source section, make sure your list from step 1 is referenced.
  4. Select OK and start using your dropdown list!
  5. Copy the cell as much as you want to as the list is now embedded in the cell.  
  6. The down button to help you select options will appear once you select the cell.


For further details, here is another place to look: