Carrie Daley

Mom, Game Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist, Mary Kay Consultant

My name is Carrie Daley.  I am a Mary Kay Consultant, Game Developer and a Freelancer.  Explore my world as I combine everything I am in this one website!! :)

Babies and Game Development....Let's put them together!!

I am so excited about my next personal project!! Having two baby girls in the last 3 years, I have looked for an app to help me keep track of feedings, diapers, and the introductions of solid foods.    There are so many out there....but none that really seem to have the right combination of attributes that really mattered to me without a lot of extra stuff.  So after a frustrating time with using an out of date app, I have decided to create my own.  I am putting together an app that is specially for Moms by a Mom.  Only the most important data is included: Feedings, Diapers, Solid Food Introductions and suggestions, and a Milestone tracker so you can add a note of exactly what their first word was or where they were when they took their first steps!  

If you are like me and always have your iPhone in your pocket, but maybe don't always find the time to write things down in your baby book, this gives you a chance to write things down wherever you have a virtual "baby book" in the midst of also tracking the most important things to keep your routine going.  Remembering what time and what side you fed your baby last can get hard when you have been doing it for months and months, that is why I love having an app that helps you keep track.  What I don't necessarily want to keep track of are things like vaccinations, weight, height and general growth....the regular well checks at the doctor's office keeps track of that, and as long as my daughters are healthy I don't really care to keep that info on my phone.  They are small, and they won't be like that forever.  So why track that when I would much rather take a picture of a beautiful picture they made, a cute thing they did or an important milestone like taking that first step or standing all by themselves!!

This app is going to be so fun to use when I'm done!!  I can't wait!! :)