Carrie Daley

Mom, Game Designer and Developer, Graphic Artist, Mary Kay Consultant

My name is Carrie Daley.  I am a Mary Kay Consultant, Game Developer and a Freelancer.  Explore my world as I combine everything I am in this one website!! :)

Being a Game Developer and a Mom

Recently I have found myself wondering what my passions are in life and whether or not those passions could help me fulfill my biggest dream....being a mom first and worrying about money second. 

It all started after my first daughter was born, I left the corporate world and decided to stay home with my daughter. I had already started my Mary Kay business and hoped that once I wasn't working somewhere 40+ hours a week that I could then grow my business and have something to do to still connect with "adults" when not spending time at home with my kids. That worked for awhile, but it was hard for me to grow my business as much as I wanted to because of my introvert tendencies. As I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter, my husband and I decided that we wanted to try something new. As he had recently went to school to learn about programming games, and was finding it hard to find jobs in our area, we decided to create our own game studio. Knowng we wanted this to be a joint venture, at first it was decided that i would handle the business side while he did the actual creating and programming games. But it wasn't long before I decided that if my name was going to be listed under a game studio, then I wanted to be more involved. I learned the creative side of things, including level design, layouts in Xcode, graphic designs using Photoshop and designing apps and stickers. Together we even came up with over a dozen different unique and creative game and app designs and ideas that we wanted to one day create. The problems came when we realized just how long it takes to complete and publish apps and games. And though we have published some, we still have many that are in various stages of development. Those we have published haven't brought in enough money to live off of, and so my husband has had to find work to pay the bills. Finding jobs has become a full time job, 24/7/52. Our awesome ideas for apps and games have been put on a shelf, getting dusty as we can only work a little at a time. 

So as my husband is currently interviewing for yet another job to hopefully pay us enough to get ahead of the bills and the debt that comes with now having 3 kids under 6 years old, I am wondering what I can do to help. There are many different options for a Stay at Home Mom, so many in fact that its hard to figure out which way to go and what is the best for you. 

As I research and talk to different people, many of them ask me, "What are you passionate about? That's how you will succeed." To be honest, I don't know. I'm passionate about my kids and being a good mom, I spend my days around taking care of them, working on battling the mess that is my house, tackling the budget to make sure bills are paid and there will be enough to buy groceries, researching new recipes to hopefully find something my kids will eat (to make sure they aren't eating the same thing every day), and simply surviving life right now.  I did/do love coming up with ideas for games and apps, but because so much of my time each day is devoted to my kids, I don't really have the time to learn as much programming as I need to learn in order to create apps/games by myself. My husband is so far behind in our list of projects that need him to program them, that getting things published quickly is just not that feasible.  

I'm wondering if maybe what I really need to do is find others out there in the same boat, and see if we can make something happen....